Rigid and safe electric motor a Grade F insulation

Rigid and safe electric motor a Grade F insulation, grade B temperature rise Protection level up to IP55 which effectively prevents dust and moisture from getting into the motor Prolonged motor service life. Average life expectancy of a super-large bearing is 8 times as much as NEMA standard specified. Durable air-end a Rigid and reliable IR air-end adopted, high efficiency, stable and durable, is famous for itszero fault and lowest maintenance cost. Roller bearing is adopted at air inlet end, which is evenly loaded and of high stability a Top quality back-to-back tapered roller bearing is used at discharge end, which isloaded by thrust line contact mode, and both radial and axial forces are offset a Uniquely designed oil sump avoids dry friction and prolongs service life, Without this structure an annual dry friction time is estimated to 1 hour, its damage to bearing is lethal. Highly integrated air inlet, oil filter/separator system Modular design is adopted, pipeline and sensors are integrated, that reduces connection points by 1556 compared with the similar products, also fault Precision and reliable driving system point greatly decreased. 5.5-37kW package adopts a single piece Poly-V wide type belt for Air inlet module integrates air iniet driving, comparing it with multiple namow belts driving, its load filter, air inlet valve and solenoid distribution is more even, stability higher and wear resistance stronger. valve, so air is taken in with a high 45-160kw package adopts high precision maintenance-free, gear efficiency, number of solenoid valve directly connected driving design, which is one of the most ideal power to be used is reduced, and system transmission system, simple, reliable, high operation efficiency, and stability improved. able to significantly reduce axial impact in operation Thus package 15-37kW package oil filter/ performances are optimized and maintenance exempted for the whole separator module integrates oil service life. filter, oil separator, minimum pressure valve and thermal valves 45-160kW package od filter/ separator module integrates oil filter and thermal valve, which is able to more accurately control oil temperature and avoid condensate generated.

Heritage of wisdom & innovation transmission of excellent quality SIRC V series

Heritage of wisdom & innovation transmission of excellent quality SIRC V series includes 21 patents and 10 First place air compressor design” awards. SIRC V series air compressor is the updated product series that Shanghai Ingersol-Rand introduced, it combines Ingersoll-Rand’s hundred years experiences, most advanced technology and manufacturing processes with our understanding of Chinese market and customer needs we obtained since 30 years. With patents of invention as wel asthat for utility models, trace oi-flooded design will provide cleaner air, silencing design will give better usage experience humanized design makes seniceeasier and quicker in one word: we provide you highly efficient, safe, stable and comfortable air compressor. inheriting Ingersoll-Rand hundred years’ wisdom and creativity, possessing 21 pieces of patent SIRC V series air compressor has 21 pieces of patent, of which one is appearance patent, 7 are patent of invention, and 13 for utility models. Ingersoll Rand’s patented manufacturingis embodied in many structure designs a Enclosure panel structure design Compressor heat radiation system External air inlet and dust filtering device a Unique motor slide device a Twostage cushion/three stage scavenge oil separator R Centrifugal fans adopting curved housing & with impeler eccentrically installed Oil separator with revolvable top canopy a Combined valve type compressor oil separator system a compressor belt tension adjusting mechanism Cooler with cleanable ducting box R Manually removable partition structure Air-end structure design Ingersoll-Rand hundred years’ excellent quality tradition, ten items of “First Place in Air Compressor Design” embraced ngersol-Rand has hundred years experience in air compressor designwhile bringing forth the new products through the old consistently and many of its design took the first place in the industry, making a great contribution to technological progress of air compressor It’s the first who has designed air-end with built-in oil sump, to avoid dry friction and thus prolong the service lif a It’s the first who adopts maintenance-free gear directlyconnected drive design that ensures a highest drive efficiency. a It’s the first who adopts cold/hot chamber separated structure to prolong service life for the companents a it’s the only one who adopt oil separator of two-stage cushion/three stagescavenge separation technique and separation effect is optimized a It’s the only one who applies sickle fan to air compressor design, resulting in a better cooling effect and lower noise a It’s the only one who adopts offset centrifugal fan duct which increases cooling effect and reduces nose level It’s the only one who applies AAA (American automobile association) standard sealing mode, ie o -ring plane seal to d away with leakage. It’s the only one who adopts non-welding connection between oilcooler and after-cooker, allowing an separate service. a It’s the only one who adopts single piece of Poly v wide type belt, that greatly reduces time length for belt replacement. It’s the only one who adopts high frequency noise killing silencing design, this makes your

About Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll

Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll-Rand is a company who has a history of more than 100 years. As a leader of global air compressor manufacturers she creates and maintains a safe, comfortable and highly effective environment for both commercial and civil industries. With an annual revenue over 17 billion US dollar the company is ranking among World’s top500 companies. Ingersoll-rand hires more than 64000 employs working in over 100 factories in all the continents globally. Her subordinate brands such as Club Car Hussmann Ingersoll Rand SIRC”, Schlage Thermo King and Trane come out in front inits own business sector, working together to improve air quality and comfortfor residential houses and building architectures, to transport and protect foods (especially perishable foods, to insure family and commercial property safety, as well as to increase productivity and efficiency for industrial areas. As a responsible enterprise citizen Ingersoll Rand has been operating in an environment protective, human health friendly and safety mode, which lays a good foundation for companys long run development. The company has successively been appraised as one of the World’s most respectable com by Fortune Magazine for 5 years since 2005. Shanghai Ingersoll Rand Compressor Ltd. Shanghai Ingersoll Rand Compressor Ltd. was founded in 1987 becoming the first international, also the only one world’s top 500 air compressor brand that deploys in China. It produces inawide range from screw-rotorto centrifugal type from micro oil-flooded to oil-free and from fixed speed to invertered screw-rotor air compressor, thus to satisfy needs of different austomers. Shanghai Ingersoll Rand Compressor Ltd. as the first one who has passed tso certification in the air compressor industry, always pursues even better quality for its products, winning deep praises of users and many other compliments. Shanghai Ingersol-Rand’s super strong designing capacity, standard operating processes and strict quality control system is the guarantee for excellent quality and stability of its products. Additionally, Shanghai Ingersoll Rand always focuses efforts on energy saving and environment protection by consistently upholding the idea that Ingersoll Rand makes technical progress more environment-friendly and energy-saving and has been elected as Green Enterprise” and Environment-friendly enterprise many times.